Restaurant Makkah

Ever since our inception a little over 4 years ago, we have chosen to stay committed to this goal, and it is this commitment that has brought us to this point. Our meals are served in a serene and relaxing environment meaning that we give solace to your mind as we nourish your body as well.

At Makkah Restaurant we make our dishes not for the fame or the money that we hope to get, but for the passion for the art of cooking. We put the same level of effort and dedication into every meal we prepare, and the scintillating feeling that people get when they try our dishes is a testament to just that.

“Creating dishes that everyone will love instantly”

Special A - Tuesday

Chicken Biryani wit Drink (We suggest the drink)


Special B - Wednesday

Aloo Qeema, Naan and Salad


Special C - Thursday

Kabab Wrap (Veal)


Special D - Friday

Kabuli Pulao with Raita


Special E - Saturday

Chicken Tikka Masala, Naan, Rice


Special F - Sunday

Chicken Karahi, Naan, Rice


514 276 1010

360,rue Jean-Talon E,
Monteal, Qc

Opening hours 6-jours-days,11 h 30 – 22 h 00,
Tues-Sun 11.30 am – 10.00 pm